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Printed Circuit Board Design

>>PCB design >>PCB Layout Modifications
>>copy PCB >>single layer to high density multi layer

job too small?? no response from design companies??

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PCB Fabrication

>>competitive cost >> industries quality
>> FR1 FR4 Rogers HAL ENIG OSP...

quantity too small?? suppliers not interested to quote??

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PCB Assembly

>>thru hole >>SMD assembly >>prototype assembly >>mid volume production >>reflow oven >> manual mount >> machine mount

quantity too small?? setup cost too high for small quantity??

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about us

We started our business since 2007. We had been supporting many small-medium industries, startup, individuals.... bridging ideas and productions.
Our business values was on total customer satisfaction and personalize service.

experience the Difference

we facilitate and support every step in the product life cycle from conceptualization... design... supply... prototype...production...

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design and supply Burn in Board to...

design and supply membrane keypad...


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